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Candidate ID 1305951

Sr. Software Engineer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Experience Level: 10+ years

Added: 05/29/23

  • XML
  • SQL
  • Junit

Candidate ID 1305399

Sr Java Full stack Developer

Austin, Texas

Experience Level: 10+ years

Added: 05/27/23

  • EJB
  • J2EE
  • JAVA

Candidate ID 1304702

Senior Technical Project Manager

Denver, Colorado

Experience Level: 10+ years

Added: 05/26/23

Candidate ID 1291829

Software Developer

Dallas, Texas

Experience Level: 4-6 years

Added: 05/30/23

  • Git
  • Javascript
  • Jquery

Candidate ID 1058304

Sr. Pega Developer

Plano, Texas

Experience Level: 6-8 years

Added: 05/31/23

  • PEGA
  • QA
  • Claims

Candidate ID 515838

Founder And Marketing Manager

Fort Worth, Texas

Experience Level: 4-6 years

Added: 05/27/23

  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Campaign
  • Market Trends

Candidate ID 433493

Program Manager

New Braunfels, Texas

Experience Level: 0-2 years

Added: 06/01/23

  • Systems Support
  • UAT
  • USE Cases

Candidate ID 323506

Sr. Pega System Architect

Columbus, Ohio

Experience Level: 10+ years

Added: 05/27/23

  • PEGA
  • USE Case
  • User Interface

Candidate ID 51554

Project Manager

Wayzata, Minnesota

Experience Level: 10+ years

Added: 05/26/23

  • Scrum
  • Agile
  • CSS


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