Business strategy

Drive the long-term success and growth of your company. Having a strong grasp of industry trends with a focus on efficiency and innovation allows us to identify opportunities where we can help your organisation meet its goals in a competitive economic environment. Horizontal has the business strategists, project managers, change managers, process analysts and other experts who can give your team a strategic edge.

Build your business strategy team with Horizontal

Business portfolio + project management

Deliver your projects on target, on time and on budget. Whether it’s conducting thorough data analysis to assess the strategic fit of various product lines or planning and overseeing initiatives from start to finish, we have the talent to help your organization hit its strategic objectives.
We match experts to positions including:
  • Project managers
  • Program managers
  • Portfolio architects and managers
  • Project coordinators

Organizational readiness + change management

A holistic approach can be essential to reducing disruption and maximizing the benefits of organizational change. It’s important to assess the scope and impact of proposed changes, including potential risks and challenges. Our experts can help you through the early, mid and latter stages of transition.
We match experts to positions including:
  • Change managers
  • Business transformation managers
  • Organizational design & development

Business + process analysts

To achieve your business objectives, assessing an organization’s operations, processes and systems is key. From requirements gathering to quality assurance, our team of portfolio architects and project managers can act as the bridge between business stakeholders and technical teams.
We match experts to positions including:
  • Business strategists
  • Business solution architects
  • Process engineers and analysts
  • Business analysts

Agile team development + management

Our crop of Agile developers and managers can help teach your team and/or lead the process of top-tier coding and collaborating. Implementing user stories, testing and debugging and adapting to change are a critical part of the Agile process, and our consultants can help institute this process across your IT or digital marketing team.
We match experts to positions including:
  • Scrum masters
  • Agile coaches
  • Agile project managers
  • Product owners

Meet your strategic goals

We have a deep pool of business strategy candidates ready to go to work for you. If you're looking to grow a product line, manage change or improve processes, Horizontal has the experts who can help.

Medical device company tackles big projects

Problem: The client, a major medical device company, has experienced fast organic and acquisition-based growth. This has resulted in large and often unforeseen increases in new project demand, specifically related to IT initiatives that support other business-driven initiatives. They needed a way to quickly ramp resources up and down while maintaining the quality of projects delivered.
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Medical device company tackles big projects

Solution: We co-developed an exclusive program to meet their objectives. Horizontal provided all the contingent resources and supporting services, which allowed our workers to efficiently acclimate to the client and project with quality oversight. Also, this gave us the ability to be very involved in the workforce planning to ensure we were pipelining the right talent and skill sets.
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Medical device company tackles big projects

Positions staffed: Project managers, change managers.
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Medical device company tackles big projects

Result: We have had a continued partnership for almost a decade, which has helped our client complete and implement many significant IT initiatives with positive results for their business.
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