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With the ever-evolving technological landscape, finding the right tools to support your team can be overwhelming. From hiring, searching for jobs, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, launching environmental, social and governance initiatives, managing your team and more, the software platforms being advertised may seem endless. 

Our Product Operations Manager Kim Ullstrup understands. Not only does Kim manage our tech stack at Horizontal Talent, but she regularly researches and meets with new software platforms to best support our global teams. 

This week, Kim will be sharing her unfiltered insights on ConverzAI in order to provide some clarity for your own tech stack optimization. 

Technology name


About the software

ConverzAI is a Voice AI platform that automates candidate screening at scale while maintaining a human touch. They emphasize that conversations come before AI and that is what inspires them to innovate. 

Why is it being featured?

ConverzAI is really starting to get their name out through industry events, sponsorships, webinars and sharing thoughtful, intriguing content. They have some excellent case studies that show how their product has benefited different staffing firms, with some hard data that shows results. 

...and let’s be real - the technology is exciting! The ability to reach candidates at scale with a personal touch and in a matter of minutes is impressive to say the least. In staffing, having your tech stack fully integrated with your ATS is critical for success, and their AI recruiter is a part of the team – living inside of Bullhorn, just like everyone else.

Kim’s insights

The staffing industry was hit hard in 2023, and it’s taking longer than many hoped to come back so seeing this type of technology rise in prominence is exciting. Being in a spot where you’re not adding headcount to the team, you have to get creative and be open to expanding your tech stack with technology that is going to use AI (the right way) and automate steps in the process at the top of the funnel to give valuable time back to recruiters -- all while creating efficiencies in order to continue to grow the business.  

I’ve seen a few demos now and had conversations with their sales team who I know from my Monster days (these folks know staffing) and am excited to continue to learn more and potentially seek an opportunity to partner with ConverzAI in the future.

Additional details

I have been working closely with various ConverzAI team members and you can't go wrong with any of them! So, if you are interested in learning more, I recommend reaching out to them directly

About Kim:
Kim Ullstrup is an experienced HR tech and staffing industry professional with 14 years of experience in solution engineering, sales, recruiting and operations. She is an expert in pre-sales consultation, solution design, sales and operational management, sales enablement and software implementations, and she is skilled in every aspect of the sales process, including business development, product demonstrations, presentations, value propositioning, technical demonstrations, contract negotiation and ongoing account management. 

Kim is currently the Product Operations Manager for Horizontal Talent. 


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