5 popular marketing jobs (with salaries) in Chicago

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Mar 5, 2024
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Marketing is a versatile field that lends itself to a wide range of skills and talents. For those who live and/or work in the Chicagoland area, the market for those in marketing is one of the hottest in the United States. Whether you love creating content, consider yourself more of a digital tactician or are somewhere in between, here are 5 marketing jobs that large, midsize and small companies are all hiring for

Product marketing manager 

The responsibility of a product marketing manager is to collaborate across a company, from R&D to sales to legal, to market a specific product or service line. This role is involved early in the launch of a product and will often play an integral role throughout the rollout, often iterating on ways to best reach customers. For those at larger companies throughout Chicago like GrubHub or Northern Trust, the ability to give full attention to a market a new product line is critical. 

Average salary: $114,878 according to BuiltIn.com 

Social media manager 

Twitter may now be called X. Facebook may now go by Meta. But in 2024, the value of a skilled and enthusiastic social media manager who can keep up with changing algorithms and an always-evolving social landscape is vital. More and more companies are utilizing Instagram and TikTok to reach younger audiences and expand their audiences, often running both organic and paid marketing campaigns to drive leads.  

Average salary: $73,419 according to BuiltIn.com 

Influencer marketing specialist 

Influencer marketing is all about being up on social trends and connecting with the movers and shakers on social media to promote a brand or product. The ability to identify the right influencers who will move the proverbial needle is critical in this role. Influencer marketing is a perfect combination of creativity and strategy, and it’s important to have the ability to measure the impact of an influencer campaign through numbers. 

Average salary: $64,633 according to salary.com 

Performance/growth marketing manager 

Performance marketing managers or growth marketing managers are all about using strategy to drive digital marketing growth. Almost all businesses are looking to attract new customers and retain existing ones (or gain new business from existing ones). This is the role that utilizes the various levers of marketing to do just that -- most often using paid media to drive impressions, clicks and leads. In this role, an ability to connect creativity with tangible KPIs (and communicate it to leadership) is important. 

Average salary: $94,248 according to BuiltIn.com 

SEO manager 

Like social media, search engine optimization (SEO) is something that doesn’t die in the marketing world – but also does not stop changing. In 2024, Chicago-based companies like Thoughtworks, Caterpillar and Morningstar, as well as midsize and smaller companies, are looking to gain every edge they can when it comes to driving website traffic and populating at the top of search results. As SEO trends change, those who are well-versed in the field will thrive.  

Average salary: $90,400 according to BuiltIn.com 


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