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The IT sector in India is booming! The total market size of the Indian IT market is $235 billion (USD) — not including the hardware sector. According to Statista, the market grew by over 2 percent year-over-year in 2021.

With that said, if you’re looking to move forward in your career or attract and retain top talent, here are some IT skills that can be beneficial for those who want to upskill themselves.


What is it?

Blockchain is a type of shared, immutable and distributed ledger technology (DLT) for recording transactions, tracking assets and building trust. It is a list of growing blocks that are linked together using cryptography. Virtually, anything of value can be tracked and exchanged on a blockchain network. This reduces risks and cuts costs for all involved. Important for running businesses and maintaining confidentiality, blockchain acts as an accessible library as it provides immediate and unclouded information that can be accessed only by authorized network members. The network can track orders, payments, accounts, production and much more.

Why is it attractive? 

Most record-keeping systems are vulnerable to fraud, bugs and cyberattacks, and finite transparency tends to delay data verification. With the advent and imminence of the Internet of Things (IoT), transaction volumes have exploded. All of this slows business and drains the bottom line.

Enter blockchain, where a consensus on data accuracy is required from all network members, and all validated transactions are immutable because they are recorded permanently. No one — not even a system administrator — can delete a transaction.

Where can you find courses to upskill yourself?

According to the finance minister of India, blockchain technology is the next big IT development to watch for and is expected to grow by 46%.

Check out these valuable blockchain courses to start growing your skills!


What is it? 

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. It entails unifying and automating various processes in an organization. DevOps is about removing the barriers between two traditionally siloed teams: development and operations. In many organizations, there’s a lack of distinct operations. Development teams and engineers could have the capability and skills to carry out both. With DevOps, the two teams conflate to optimize both productivity of developers and reliability of operations. Its key aim is to shorten the life cycle of development and dispense continuous delivery with best-in-class software quality. DevOps engineers implement these processes to perform tasks. They specialize in various aspects of DevOps such as its culture, philosophies and tools. Most companies today use DevOps to automate tasks and increase the efficiency of their teams.

Why is it attractive?

DevOps is a cultural change towards accepting Agile Software development, and it paves the way for constant development cycles, while ensuring simultaneity in cross-functions, responsibilities and goals shared with IT operations. There are many roles available in the market for DevOps professionals that include the job title of DevOps engineer, platform engineer, building engineer and more. Not only this, due to its versatile nature, DevOps is always growing and evolving. In 2022, it is being tested for security field, AI/ML, PaaS and others.

Learn more about why this works in India.

Where can you find courses to upskill yourself? 

According to a recent report, there is a growing market for DevOps with expectations of reaching $287.9 billion USD by 2026.

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UI/UX design

What is it?

The term UI/UX is short for user interface/user experience. It involves the practice of designing digital assets with a customer/user-first approach. The idea of UI/UX design is to invent an interface that is both visually pleasing and effortless to interact with. India has recently discovered the benefits of user experience and the importance of an easy customer journey. Many retailers have already set the precedent for their peers that in today’s age an online presence is indispensable. Thus, every individual business, no matter how large or small requires a UX designer to create and nurture their digital persona.

Why is it attractive?

UX design is increasingly becoming an important part of many organization’s strategies. A plethora of UX agencies, companies and platforms have been acquired in recent years. Moreover, UX designers’ salaries surpass those of the national average. With a high demand for talented professionals in this field, it is one of the most future-proof and lucrative career choices you can have.

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Where can you find courses to upskill yourself? 

According to a LinkedIn study, the estimated size of the global User Experience (UX) market was $465 million USD in 2021 and is forecasted to grow to $1346.20 million USD by 2028, at a CAGR of 16.40%.

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Cloud Computing

What is it? 

Cloud computing is a generic term used for something that involves delivering hosted services online. These services are broken into 3 main types of cloud computing: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). A cloud by design can be private or public. A public cloud has the capacity to sell services to anyone on the internet whereas a private cloud is an owned network or data center which supplies hosted services to a restricted number of people, with specific access and permissions. Either way, the primary goal of cloud computing is to provide easy, adaptable access to computing resources and IT services.

Why is it attractive?

Tech giants in the country have shown an increase in demand for individuals honing cloud-skilled talent given their varied complex opportunities in a cost-effective and infrastructure-friendly environment. With rapid digitization and the growing awareness about the advantages of cloud and allied technologies, adoption is set to grow rapidly, especially in the new normal after the pandemic. With the right talent and skill sets, professionals can tap into the massive opportunities at hand. India is well positioned to build its identity as the global hub for cloud solutions. Talented and skilled professionals have a huge part to play in realizing this vision.

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Where can you find courses to upskill yourself? 

Latest report says by Gartner states, while the global market size of the cloud computing domain is anticipated to grow in value to $927.51 bn by 2027, Southeast Asian developing countries like India play a vital role in making Asia-Pacific a key region in putting forth cloud computing services.    

Upskilling courses.


What is it?

SQL is a domain-targeted coding language used to operate databases; it comprises database creation, deletion, fetching and modifying rows, etc. Touted as an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard language, it has blossomed to have many different versions through time. While most database systems use SQL, some of them also have additional proprietary extensions. With standard SQL commands such as “select”, “insert”, “update”, “delete”, “create” and “drop”, almost everything one needs can be accomplished.

Why is it attractive?

SQL developers assimilate and invent a strong backend system that aids in analysis and operations. The rise in applications automatically increases demand for more databases to support them, which in turn keeps users (either end-users or data analysts) engaged with the application.

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Where can you find courses to upskill yourself?

SQL had a huge role in tracking and managing COVID-19 stats in India. Even though it’s “old”, SQL is not a legacy skill. According to Dataquest, SQL was the most in-demand skill among all jobs in data in 2021.

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