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Personal Assistant - Part Time
San Francisco, California
CTH or Direct Hire Position
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Applied on October 1, 2020
Job Id #43322 Posted September 22, 2020

Objective: to maximize my effectiveness (at everything I do) by finding ways to save me time and energy and anticipating and addressing my needs.

Examples include taking tasks off my plate, anticipating and addressing scheduling/calendar issues, pre-drafting emails/msgs for me, finding clever ways to restructure my life/workflows, and continually tidying up or “processing” as much of my digital life as possible to free up my attention.

Approach: begin by working together part-time, progressively deepening the work to build trust, and ultimately becoming my "right-hand" person. It doesn't have to be a permanent position but intended to become longterm (ie at least a few years) where if either of us decides to wind down working together, we give each other a sufficient "sunset" time window to ensure a smooth transition.

I’m looking for someone whom I can
Deeply trust
Communicate with
Expect to ask me clarifying questions
Expect to be insanely reliable+punctual
Expect to never drop a single ball
Not worry about double-checking work
Not worry about “getting hacked”, leaking private info
Easily give input/feedback
Quickly get into “autopilot” with (requires minimal direction)

Min 10hr/wk dedicated to me (to start)
With min 1hr/weekday available to me for urgent tasks (as necessary)
Willing and (likely) able to scale up to 20-40hr/wk (within 1yr)
Capable of handling things before/after I’m awake (as necessary)

Using all "standard" digital tools
Quickly discovering+learning new best tools
Articulately and convincingly suggest better workflows/tools/etc
Spotting any mistakes/errors I might make (eg in emails)
Delegation to other assistants/contractors + managing them efficiently
Continually capturing and updating my preferences+info
Composing emails/messages as if it were me (eventually)
Operating “behind the scenes” (ex: email as me rather than for me)
Operating “behind the scenes” (ex: email as me rather than for me)

Some big things that drain my energy:
Coordinating, scheduling, planning
Separating out junk/spam emails
Getting distracted by notifications/messages
Having to keep track of things/tasks/reminders
Feeling rushed or behind on things
Poor/disrupted sleep

Some big areas to save me time
Organize my emails (ie unsubscribe junk, maintain filters/folders)
Check and process my virtual mailbox
Reply to straightforward email as me (ex: scheduling)
Compose reply email drafts (ie using best judgement)
Time Management
Organize/groom my calendar (ie color code, keep buffers, maintain limits)
Scheduling regular things (haircuts, doc appt, dentist, flu shot, …
Scheduling one-off things (meetings, dinners, events, vaccines, …
Anticipate and bring to my attention any scheduling issues/conflicts
Task Management
Organize and maintain my task management system
Organize and maintain my “capture list” system
Summarize my news sources
Create summaries for faster consumption of messages/requests/task
Knowing of and keeping on top of any govt-related forms/etc
Handling personal accounting, taxes, and related
Sell things on craigslist/etc for me
Handling visas, NDAs, vehicle registrations, etc
Researching travel plan options, booking flights/hotels/etc
Researching short/long term live/work arrangements
Researching products/services I want to consider using/upgrading in my life
Answer random research questions, look into data/info/sources
Personal Responsibilities
Take the lead on tackling various personal items
Ex: health insurance, appointments, research
Ex: home projects, coordinate contractors
Ex: get devices or other things fixed
Ex: handle car purchase, insurance, maintenance
Ex: manage AirBnB listings, coordinate guests+cleaners
Coordination and/or running process for side projects (ex: digital book club)
Finding automation/reduction points
Research new tools/services that we can cleanly delegate workflows to
Brainstorm ways to restructure existing tools/workflows for greater efficiency/ease
Dream up ideas of ways to generally do more with less; pitch them to me
Some Tools I Typically Use
GMail, Google Apps Suite
Evernote, Notion, Trello
Word/Excel/etc, iWork tools (sometimes
Asana, Reminder, HourStack
iMessage, WhatsApps, WeChat, Messenger, (and many more)
Note: I invite you to recommend better tools (ex: Asana is a PIA…)
Core Agreements
Communication: Must be willing and able to reply to all communications within 24 hours over various communication channels (ex: texts, email, Slack, Asana) at all "online" times for you that we agree upon, thus also being explicit together about schedule for "offline" (ex: vacation, sleep/rest).
Seamless Transition: Must be willing and able to commit to hiring and training up their replacement (of at least their caliber) if/when either of us may decide to stop working together for any reason. This is likely to mean at least a 30-60 day transition period. I’m willing and able to commit to doing the same for them in return, to give time not only give them the same time period if I want need to stop working together but also to fully support them in finding their next thing however I can (ex: intros and recommendations).
Conflict Resolution: Agree upfront on the process by which we resolve any disputes or conflicts, if/when they arise. Equally, if not more importantly, we both must agree to always treat each other with the utmost respect, compassion, and integrity — which if always followed in good faith should prevent any conflicts needing any extra particular attention to resolve.
Other Notes:
- I have an apartment in San Francisco that I would like to set up to be rented in AirBnB and then fully handled by the core assistant with the only interface being the dates that I plan to be there vs not
- I have a new "local assistant” in San Francisco who’s capable of a fairly wide range of things including cleaning, laundry, fixing household things, building furniture, doing online returns, purchasing from local stores, and so forth
- It’s my strong preference (not a deal breaker) that this core assistant resides within this United States (so that we’re both operating under the same laws and legal structure)

Horizontal is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. We seek to provide employment opportunities to talented, qualified candidates regardless of race, color, sex/gender including gender identity and/or expression, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, citizen status, veteran status, or any other protected classification under federal, state or local law.

In addition, Horizontal will provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities. If you need to request a reasonable accommodation in order to complete the application or interview process, please contact

All applicants applying must be legally authorized to work in the country of employment.

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