5 benefits of creating a Horizontal Talent candidate profile

by Misty Tippets

Sep 15,2020
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Ericka is a Boston-based graphic designer. After spending the last few years in the marketing department at a large financial firm, she’s ready for a new challenge. Once Ericka updates her resume, LinkedIn profile and portfolio website, she kicks off her job search — but she keeps running into hurdles and hang-ups that prevent her from landing the perfect gig. 

First, Ericka stumbles upon a job post for a junior art director at a trendy agency. Based on the description and the required skills, she believes she’d be a great fit. Only one problem — the opening was posted two weeks ago. But even though she’s late to the game, Ericka is so excited about the opportunity that she still decides to apply. After navigating the clunky application portal and filling in all her information, Ericka hits submit. A week later, she gets an automated email from the agency to let her know that the position has been filled. 

Next, Ericka spots a job post for a UX designer. Although her background is primarily in graphic design, Ericka has taken a couple UX bootcamps and had the opportunity to work on her previous company’s website and app. She fires off her application. But because her resume isn’t peppered with the keywords that the hiring manager is scanning for, she gets rejected again. 

As Ericka’s search for a new gig continues, she makes a habit of idly scrolling through job posts on her phone when she’s in line at the grocery store or on the bus. But since the job boards she uses don’t offer an easy way to bookmark individual posts, Ericka often has a hard time finding them later when she’s on her computer. 

Do any of these situations strike a chord? Only one in four job seekers report having a great candidate experience. But at Horizontal Talent, we’re making an effort to improve the hiring process via the newest feature on our Job Board — the Candidate ProfileEssentially, the Candidate Profile empowers you to cast a wider net and zero in on opportunities that align with your career goals. Think of it like your job search command center. Here are five benefits you unlock when you create your profile. 

Real-time job alerts based on your saved searches and desired opportunities. 

Like Ericka discovered, timing is everything. An early application to a new job posting puts you at the front of the line and gets eyes on your resume. By creating an alert — emailed to you in real-time, once a day or once a week — you’ll be able to stay on the pulse of the job market and apply for positions as soon as they get posted. 

To set up your alert, visit our job board and search by keyword, job title and location. You can also filter by distance, category and job type. Keep in mind — the more details you include, the more personalized your job alert will be. 

A detailed profile that showcases your background, skills and abilities.

A thorough, up-to-date profile puts you in the spotlight and helps recruiters on the Horizontal Network find you. You can upload your resume, select the types of roles you’re looking for, provide requirements (compensation, location, etc.) and leave comments to let recruiters know exactly what you bring to the table. 

An array of resumes to attach to specific jobs. 

Tailoring your resume to specific jobs can help you stand out. Recruiters are scanning resumes for industry keywords, so you need to make sure you include them for each role. On your Candidate Profile, you can upload a variety of resumes to have on hand — enabling you to quickly apply to multiple roles with the right resume for the job. 

Favorite jobs that interest you and apply for them later. 

If you’re scrolling through job postings on the go, you can easily bookmark opportunities that catch your eye and apply for them later. Plus, favoriting is a great way to keep track of jobs you’ve applied for in the past. 

Personalized updates from Horizontal Talent. 

Finally, as a member of our network, we’ll keep you in the loop with key developments that impact you and your industry. Join today — we’re excited to help you find an amazing opportunity!

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