2018’s Top Emerging Jobs & High-Demand Careers

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Jan 8,2019
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As 2018 came to a close, LinkedIn published their 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs report, in an effort to help U.S. workers make more informed decisions regarding their careers. LinkedIn looked at their Economic Graph data from 2014 through 2018 and analyzed the top roles that companies are hiring for, the skillsets that are associated with those roles, and the roles that have emerged over the past 5 years.

It’s no surprise that technology-based jobs have infiltrated these lists in a major way and Artificial Intelligence is definitely here to stay, however as you will see, it’s clear that we still need humans (don’t worry…we’re not obsolete….yet) and there are still fields experiencing significant growth for those who may not be interested in or well-suited for IT and technology jobs. In other good news, these emerging and high-demand jobs can be found across the United States, from San Francisco and New York City to Madison, WI and Minneapolis, MN.

Intrigued? Take look at some of the highlights of the report:

The emerging jobs listed below are in high-demand across the United States and can be found in nearly all industries, from Healthcare and Government to IT and Telecommunications.

  1. Blockchain Developer – 33 x growth
    • Top Skills Needed: Solidity, Blockchain, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Node.js
    • Industry: Information Technology & Services, Computer Services, Internet
    • Cities with High Demand: San Francisco, New York City, Atlanta
  2. Machine Learning Engineer – 12 x growth
    • Top Skills Needed: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Apache Spark, Natural Language Processing
    • Industry: Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Internet
    • Cities with High Demand: San Francisco, Denver, Austin
  3. Application Sales Executive – 8 x Growth
    • Top Skills Needed: Software as a Service, Cloud Applications, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Solution Selling
    • Top Industries: Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Telecommunications
    • Cities with High Demand: Boston, Austin, Minneapolis-St. Paul
  4. Machine Learning Specialist – 6 x Growth
    • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Python, Artificial Intelligence
    • Top Industries: Computer Software, Internet, Higher Education
    • Cities with High Demand: San Francisco, New York City, Madison
  5. Professional Medical Representative – 6 x Growth
    • Top Skills: Pharmaceutical Sales, Sales Effectiveness, Product Launches, Medical Devices, Gastroenterology
    • Industries: Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital & Healthcare
    • Cities with High Demand: Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco

Rounding out the top 10 for 2018’s Emerging Jobs:

  1. Relationship Consultant – 5.5 x growth
  2. Data Science Specialist – 5 x growth
  3. Assurance/Operations Staff – 5 x growth
  4. Sales Development Representative – 4 x growth
  5. Business Support Consultant – 4 x growth

The following list highlights jobs that have seen strong and steady demand over the past 4 years. These roles are experiencing sustained hiring rates and large growth year over year and according to LinkedIn could potentially be more stable career choices.

  1. Software Engineer – Current Job Openings: 80,000+
  2. Project Manager – Current Job Openings: 42,000+
  3. Account Manager – Current Job Openings: 17,000+
  4. Account Executive – Current Job Openings: 16,000+
  5. Product Manager – Current Job Openings: 12,000+
  6. Recruiter – Current Job Openings: 8,000+
  7. Marketing Specialist – Current Job Openings: 7,000+
  8. Data Scientist – Current Job Openings: 6,000+
  9. Real Estate Agent – Current Job Openings: 6,000+
  10. Realtor – Current Job Openings: 2,000+

Finally, we found it interesting to note the skills that are currently in high demand. LinkedIn discovered that people with these skills are hired at faster rates than people without them.

  1. Oral Communications (Public Speaking, Presentation)
    1. Relevant Jobs: Teacher, Admin Assistant, Attorney
  2. People Management
    1. Relevant Jobs: Project Manager, Marketing Specialist, Sales
  3. Development Tools (Java, C++, Linux)
    1. Relevant Jobs: Software Engineer, Research Assistant, Data Scientist
  4. Social Media (Digital Media, Social Media Measurement)
    1. Relevant Jobs: Marketing Director, Writer, Graphic Designer
  5. Business Management (Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement)
    1. Relevant Jobs: Account Manager, Operations Manager, Realtor
  6. Time Management
    1. Relevant Jobs: Recruiter, Finance Analyst
  7. Leadership (Team Building, Team Leadership)
    1. Relevant Jobs: Sales Manager, Salesperson
  8. Graphic Design (Web Design, Illustration)
    1. Relevant Jobs: Graphic Designer, Software Engineer, Creative Director
  9. Data Science (Data Analysis, Forecasting, Statistics)
    1. Relevant Jobs: Software engineer, Data Analyst, Finance Analyst
  10. Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    1. Relevant Jobs: Front End Developer, Graphic Designer, Analyst

To view the full article published by LinkedIn on December 13, 2018 and a more detailed read, click here:

LinkedIn 2018 Emerging Jobs Report

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