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by Horizontal Team

Dec 17,2018
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As 2018 comes to a close, some of you may be contemplating changing jobs in 2019. Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge, maybe you’re craving advancement, or perhaps you’re just not happy where you’re at. Whatever your motivation is, there is no time better than right now, to get your ducks in a row and get a head start on your 2019 job search.

Although, this is arguably the busiest time of the year, a lot of businesses start to slow down somewhat and people actually have a few minutes to breathe. So why not take advantage of that?

Here are 3 things you can do right NOW:

  1. Get your resume up to date. This can be a daunting task, we know! It can be difficult to write about yourself and your achievements, but think about your end goal, and think about what you’ve done in your career that aligns with that goal and put it on paper. Here are a few quick tips:
    • Leave out the fluff. We all know you have “excellent written and verbal communication skills” and it’s probably a given that you’re a “team-player.” Replace those irrelevant phrases, with specific skills or traits that are necessary for your next job.
    • Condense the content. If your resume is long (and wow…we have definitely seen some long ones!), consider reducing the content. Recruiters and hiring managers want to see what you’ve accomplished, not copy and pasted lines from a job description written by HR. We are most interested in what you’ve done within the past 10 years. If you’ve got a work history spanning longer than 10 years, it’s ok to include it, but keep it brief.
    • Clean it up. Review your resume. Make sure it’s free of spelling or grammatical errors. Unless you are a creative professional steer clear of fancy designs and or photos of yourself. A crisp, clean, easy to read resume is ideal. Remember, recruiters and hiring managers, see 100’s of resumes every day, so make sure yours is appealing to the eye and that your accomplishments are the hero of the resume, not silly errors or tacky designs.
  1. Update your LinkedIn Profile. Make sure you’ve got a complete LinkedIn profile that is in alignment with your resume, because 9 times out of 10, a potential employer or recruiter will check out your LinkedIn profile right away. Here are a few tips for making your profile stand out:
    • Reach out to colleagues or those you’ve worked with in the past and ask for recommendations. Employers read these. If you can, try and get one recommendation from each company that you have listed on your profile.
    • Check out the Job Seeking Preferences section in your profile.
      • Settings & Privacy -> Job Seeking Preferences
      • Here you can let recruiters know you’re open to new opportunities or signal your interested to recruiters at specific companies
    • Complete the Skills section. Take a few minutes and build out your skills profile. Employers using LinkedIn for sourcing candidates, can search by specific skills and even if you may have everything they’re looking for, but they are not called out in the skills section, there is a chance your profile will not show up in their search. This is also a great way for people to endorse your skills and abilities.
    • Pay attention to your profile picture. If your profile picture is of you at a bar around 2am or a car selfie, consider swapping that photo for a more professional looking headshot. This doesn’t need to be a stuffy, suit and tie, or pearls and up-do type picture. But rather one of you, that showcases YOU.
    • Start making connections. Reach out and connect with people or ask your first connections to make introductions. Building your professional network will only help you in your job search.
  1. Connect with a recruiter. Now is a great time to reach out and connect with an HI recruiter. New opportunities are still opening up daily and now is a great time to get the ball rolling so you’ll be kept up to date as jobs open up. Why connect with a recruiter?
    • Many job opportunities that come across the desks of our recruiters will not be found online. A lot of these jobs are exclusive to HI or exclusive to just a few staffing agencies.
    • A recruiter will do the busy work for you. Your recruiter will send you opportunities that are a good fit for you, right as they open up. They will review the job description and determine if it could be a match for your skills and background. Should you be interested in that role, they will do all of the work for you to get you submitted. You can sit back and relax!
    • Your recruiter will help you with your resume and make sure it is in good shape. They’ll ensure it contains the relevant information for each and every job you apply for.
    • Finally, your recruiter will support you. They will be with you every step of the way and be available to coach and prepare you for interviews, help you navigate through the offer phase, and be a support-system for you even after you’ve started your new job.

There is no time like the present! So, get that resume up to date, build out an eye-catching LinkedIn profile, connect with a recruiter (just click HERE) and land your dream job in 2019.

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