The Gig Economy: Tech Workers Are On IT

by Horizontal Team

May 1,2018
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The gig economy is having a moment. Are you a part of it?

A whopping 34% of the workforce operates as freelancers, contractors and temp workers. And those going gig are expected to rise in numbers, as that percentage grows to 43% by the year 2020.

When you hear “gig,” you may envision people driving total strangers around as a side hustle.  However, technology workers are also embracing this new way of earning a paycheck. One reason is that the software development cycle has become more defined and compartmentalized, so it is easier to outsource. And the project-based nature of the gig economy has the same cadence many IT workers are used to.

Some of the top IT jobs in the gig economy are: web developer, software developer, computer programmer, information systems analyst and cybersecurity professional.

Despite numerous benefits, outsourcing IT work to the gig economy requires managing security risks as workers use their own equipment and mobile devices. As with BYOD policies, though, using gig workers requires well defined security guidelines.

While already an attractive option for many, the recent tax law changes could encourage more IT consultants to offer their services as an independent contractor further accelerating the growth of the flexible workforce and ‘gig’ economy.

Source: TechServe Alliance

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