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Jun 18, 2024
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Malaysia is a prominent player in the global IT landscape and is experiencing massive growth in the IT sector, with the government supporting new initiatives. This significant growth, rapid movement in the startup ecosystem and digital transformation is creating high demand for IT professionals. The job market in Malaysia is opening new opportunities for job seekers with a dynamic shift towards technology-based roles.

That said, here are 7 top tech jobs roles both big and small companies are looking to hire for:

SAP ABAP developer

SAP ABAP developers work on SAP systems, support, maintain and enhance the existing SAP systems, integrate with other systems and create new SAP systems. As businesses continue to adopt new technologies, the demand for the SAP ABAP developers will remain strong. Someone looking to become an SAP ABAP developer should be proficient in ABAP programming, web-based applications, testing, SAP systems, database skills, UI and troubleshooting. 

SAP functional consultant 

Someone who is aiming for a career as an SAP functional consultant must have a skill set that includes awareness of SAP module expertise, business process knowledge, reporting and analytics, along with strong soft skills. This recipe of skills allows SAP functional consultants to effectively work with SAP systems. 

Site reliability engineer

Site reliability engineers help organizations bridge the gap between development and operation by performing automation and maintaining the reliability, performance and security of IT systems. One must have a blend of software engineering and systems engineering skills if they are looking for a career as a site reliability engineer. Proficiency in programming, knowledge of Unix, networking concepts and understanding of database management systems and CI/CD pipelines are essential to excel as a site reliability engineer.

DevOps engineer

Succeeding as a DevOps professional requires a diverse skill set including technical skills in scripting and automation, knowledge of CI/CD principles and practices and knowledge of cloud computing platforms. DevOps professionals drive automation, collaboration and continuous improvement in software development and IT operations, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality software faster, more reliably and with greater efficiency.

Cloud engineer

Cloud engineers play an important role in designing, implementing and maintaining cloud infrastructure to support modern applications and services. Cloud engineers use their expertise in cloud platforms, automation, security and DevOps processes to help businesses leverage the potential of cloud computing to promote innovation, agility and business success. 

Data engineer

Data is an essential asset for every organization. Data engineers maintain the data infrastructure necessary for organizations. Strong scripting skills and an understanding of database management systems like SQL, big data technologies, data warehousing and data analysis are a few must skills for data engineers. 

Web developer

Someone who is looking to become a web developer needs to possess a strong understanding of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. One needs to have a deep knowledge of programming languages, web frameworks and database management systems to become a back-end developer -- whereas a full-stack developer must be capable of working with both front-end and back-end technologies. 

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