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With the ever-evolving technological landscape, finding the right tools to support your team can be overwhelming. From hiring, searching for jobs, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, launching environmental, social and governance initiatives, managing your team and more, the software platforms being advertised may seem endless. 

Our Product Operations Manager Kim Ullstrup understands. Not only does Kim manage our tech stack at Horizontal Talent, but she regularly researches and meets with new software platforms to best support our global teams. 

This week, Kim will be sharing her unfiltered insights on Veritone Hire in order to provide some clarity for your own tech stack optimization. 

*Note: Pandologic (now Veritone Hire Programmatic) and Broadbean (now Job Distribution) have merged with Veritone Hire so will all be referenced in this article.

Technology name

Veritone Hire

About the software

Veritone Hire empowers talent acquisition teams to advertise all of their jobs through a single vendor that seamlessly integrates over 120 applicant tracking systems and over 2000 publishers using the combined strengths of Broadbean (Job Description), Pandologic (Veritone Hire Programmatic) and Veritone AI.

Since 2014, the people at Veritone have focused on building enterprise AI solutions and applications that solve problems for its customers in the talent acquisition and human resources industries. Veritone’s blend of expertise and technology helps organizations find and hire more qualified and diverse talent at scale. Veritone Hire is redefining recruiting and talent acquisition by combining global job distribution tools with programmatic advertising AI technology to optimize recruiting strategies, reduce costs, improve efficiency and positively impact the most important asset to an organization – its people.

Why is it being featured?

Horizontal has been partners with Pandologic (now Veritone Hire Programmatic) for the past 2 years. We pride ourselves on being very tech forward, so when it came to job advertising, programmatic really was the only way to go to eliminate the manual nature of job advertising. The AI behind Veritone Hire’s programmatic platform is powerful, making 7000 micro decisions every minute to determine where, when and for how much each individual job should be posted to deliver the best results at the lowest cost. We were the first client of Pandologic’s (now Veritone Hire Programmatic) to go live with their PandoDIVERSITY product to further our diversity recruitment efforts, which we still utilize today. 

Veritone Hire Programmatic has been a true partner in working with us to understand our business, further enhance our integration with Bullhorn and work with us to make sure our campaigns are performing at their highest level. They recently went live with down funnel reporting, which not only allows us to see valuable insights into which applicants are progressing through the funnel and where they are coming from, but it also allows them to further optimize our jobs based on where we are seeing quality submittals and placements happening. 

Pandologic was acquired by Veritone in 2021, and in 2023, Veritone acquired Broadbean. Bringing the three brands (and technologies) together to form Veritone Hire has given us access to a much more robust tech stack. We recently went live with the job distribution diversity platform to further our reach within local networks as well as through additional diversity sites.

Kim’s insights

I have the added benefit of working for Veritone Hire (specifically Veritone Hire Programmatic/Pandologic) for 2 years prior to joining Horizontal, so I have “seen under the hood” and have been able to utilize a lot of my past experience to make sure Horizontal is set up for success with our programmatic campaigns. 

I am excited to see how Veritone Hire continues to bring together Pandologic (Veritone Hire Programmatic) and Broadbean (Job Distribution) under one product/one brand and how that evolves for customers like us at Horizontal that are utilizing products from both sides.

Any additional details

We have been lucky enough to partner with Paul Gunderson, Sales Director at Veritone Hire Programmatic for the past 2 years. He knows staffing, understands the unique challenges of the industry and is always willing to go above and beyond for his clients. Reach out to him to schedule a demo if you are interested in learning more! 


About Kim:
Kim Ullstrup is an experienced HR tech and staffing industry professional with 14 years of experience in solution engineering, sales, recruiting and operations. She is an expert in pre-sales consultation, solution design, sales and operational management, sales enablement and software implementations, and she is skilled in every aspect of the sales process, including business development, product demonstrations, presentations, value propositioning, technical demonstrations, contract negotiation and ongoing account management.

Kim is currently the Product Operations Manager for Horizontal Talent. 

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