Top skills to look for when hiring Generative AI talent

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In today's rapidly evolving technological world, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a glimpse into the future. It’s here and has already begun to revolutionize our daily lives. AI is incorporated everywhere, with companies creating new variants of models and building new applications by training existing AI technology. 

Generative AI is a sophisticated and multipurposed variant of AI that leverages neural networks to generate new and original content with multiple use cases in the tech industry. The recent Ernst & Young analysis report mentions that Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are now embracing GenAI as the next disruptor to enter a new era of innovation. 

If you’re looking to boost productivity and innovation, hiring Gen AI talent may be the right choice for you. With that said, these skills should be considered when hiring your newest AI expert:

Natural language processing

Natural language processing offers a fundamental grasp of natural language and is most important to build AI systems. This is a must-have skill when hiring AI talent. 

Data analysis and data handling

Generative models often require working with large sets of data. Therefore, it is important to assess a candidate’s ability to work with large sets of data. Candidates must be proficient in data analysis, data management and manipulation to work efficiently with large data sets. 


A solid grounding in programming languages like Python is used in building APKS and data preprocessing. Relevant experience in C++ and R can also be beneficial. 

Deep learning

Deep learning is a subpart of AI that specifically focuses on neural networks. Somebody who is looking to work with Generative AI must have a good understanding of deep learning concepts like CNN, ANN, GAN’s, Transformers, Fine Tuning and computer vision.


TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch are powerful deep learning frameworks important to building efficient high-level APIs and large-scale neural networks and play a huge role in AI research. With the rapid evolution of AI, it is important to understand frameworks.

Prompt engineering

Prompt engineering is a critical skill when interacting with Gen AI. It helps leverage the efficiency of language models, making them more adaptable and interpretable and maximizing their utility. Anybody seeking to hire candidates to work with AI needs to look for proficiency in prompt engineering. 

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