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With the ever-evolving technological landscape, finding the right tools to support your team can be overwhelming. From hiring, searching for jobs, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, launching environmental, social and governance initiatives, managing your team and more, the software platforms being advertised may seem endless. 

Our Product Operations Manager Kim Ullstrup understands. Not only does Kim manage our tech stack at Horizontal Talent, but she regularly researches and meets with new software platforms to best support our global teams. 

This week, Kim will be sharing her unfiltered insights on Sense in order to provide some clarity for your own tech stack optimization. 

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About the software

Sense is a talent engagement platform that delivers an end-to-end talent experience that can accelerate hiring, drive recruiter efficiency and reduce attrition with omni-channel engagement and recruiting automation.

The Sense product suite consists of engage, text messaging, discover, AI chatbot, talent CRM, Sense AI, scheduling, referrals, analytics and pages/career sites. 

Why is it being featured?

We are almost halfway through 2024 – if you are not using AI and automation in staffing, you are behind. Sense has done a lot of things right when it comes to candidate engagement: The engage platform allows you to automate recruiting tasks, initiate candidate engagement throughout every stage of candidate journey (in a thoughtful way) and keep your data inside your ATS clean and up to date. They are also doing a ton with their AI chatbot to improve the candidate experience. I am excited to see what else they come out with later this year!

Kim’s insights

Horizontal has been using Sense engage and text messaging for years now, and it’s a piece of our tech stack that still has a lot of untapped potential because of the limitless possibilities. We have also explored a few of their other products over the past year – the AI chatbot and scheduling. I’ve worked with Sense in a lot of different capacities over the years, but my current role with Horizontal has allowed me the opportunity to dig deep into the functionality and to really understand how we can best use AI and automation to help make the lives of our recruiters and account managers that much easier. I am excited about building out workflows this year that incorporate the use of AI at all different stages of the candidate and consultant lifecycle.   

Additional details

Sense has really owned the staffing space over the years, but they do also cater solutions across many industries and have built out a variety of integrations and partnerships that can solve problems across the board. Check out the Sense website for more information or to book a demo! 

I would also love to connect if you currently use Sense to see how it has worked for you and share any tips or best practices since I am only a few months in as an admin for the tool myself. Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me directly to chat!

About Kim:
Kim Ullstrup is an experienced HR tech and staffing industry professional with 14 years of experience in solution engineering, sales, recruiting and operations. She is an expert in pre-sales consultation, solution design, sales and operational management, sales enablement and software implementations, and she is skilled in every aspect of the sales process, including business development, product demonstrations, presentations, value propositioning, technical demonstrations, contract negotiation and ongoing account management.

Kim is currently the Product Operations Manager for Horizontal Talent. 

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