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With over 1.5 million skilled IT working professionals, Bengaluru is known to be the Silicon Valley of India for a reason. Bengaluru is home to several top multinational corporation headquarters, with nearly 7,000 startups (according to a recent report by NASSCOM) wanting to attract top talent who are on the lookout for high-paying jobs that fit their skill sets.  

With that said, here are 7 trending jobs in Bengaluru’s tech job market

1. Full stack developer 

Full stack developers handle both front-end and back-end development. This broader range of knowledge makes this job timeless and always in demand. The ability to adapt to new frameworks and tools while keeping up with the moving and emerging technology keeps makes it a constantly relevant job.  

Those who are looking to become a full-stack developer must be good at HTML, CSS, JavaScript and programming languages like Java.  

2. Cloud architect 

Organizations of all sizes are switching from physical servers to the cloud for its reliability and security. This creates demand for all job profiles around cloud computing with cloud architect chief among them.  

A cloud architect is responsible for building, operating and designing the cloud environment based on requirements. They must be very familiar with any programming language, networking, firewalls, VPN and have cloud architecture certifications.  

3. DevOps engineer  

DevOps has recently gained popularity, as it streamlines the development process and increases collaboration and productivity among the teams. Understanding CI/CD pipelines, Jenkins, knowledge of monitoring tools and strong scripting skills are some key skills expected from a DevOps engineer.

4. Data scientist

We live in a world of data, with data being essential for organizations to function. Organizations receive ample amounts of data from various sources, so they need data scientists to analyze all this information and provide valuable insights for a better decision-making process. Statistics and probability skills and a familiarity with programming languages like R, Python, database management systems, machine learning and deep learning are required for a data scientist. 

5. QA engineer

QA engineers ensure the quality and reliability of products and services produced by an organization before they go to the customer. They play a vital role in enhancing customer satisfaction and minimizing risks. Every software company needs a QA engineer as they play a prominent role in maintaining brand reputation. Agile testing, automation testing, database management, programming languages, experience with API testing and operating systems are a few skills needed for a QA engineer.  

6. Cybersecurity specialist

Everything that’s going digital needs to be protected. Cybersecurity specialists safeguard an organization’s data from malware, ransomware and other cyber-attacks and mitigate risks. These skills are critical for cybersecurity specialists: scripting, frameworks, network security, encryption and cryptography, understanding IAM principles and cloud security.  

7. AI engineer

Whether you are pro or anti AI, you can’t ignore the presence of it in our day-to-day lives. The emergence of artificial intelligence has created a demand for AI engineers. AI engineers design, deploy artificial intelligence and leverage it to build solutions for business problems. Knowledge of machine learning models, AI security, AI Deployment, DevOps and programming languages like Python and R are a few must skills for an AI Engineer.  

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