5 popular tech, marketing and business jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth (with salaries!)

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Mar 28, 2024
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The Dallas Metroplex is seeing growth across multiple industries including IT, the creative field and business and finance. Major companies like AT&T, Texas Instruments, Pinnacle Group, American Airlines, Exxon Mobile and many new tech startups are significant contributors to growing industry and job market trends. To support ongoing projects and fill full-time positions, many of these companies are relying on Dallas staffing firms to help. 

With that said, these 5 jobs are extremely popular roles both big companies and smaller ones are looking to hire for: 

Software developer 

IT roles in software development are a huge part of the Dallas tech job market. In fact, 20% of all IT positions in the Dallas Metroplex are software developer roles. Additionally, by 2031, software development roles in DFW are expected to increase up to 25% -- significantly greater than other tech jobs. 

Average salary: According to Indeed, the average 2024 software developer salary in Dallas, TX is $93,464. 

Marketing manager 

There’s usually never a shortage of Dallas marketing positions. Though marketing and creative fields in Dallas can be very competitive, 22 million tourists a year make the need for DFW marketing managers to drive website traffic, grow the attendance of popular sports and entertainment events and generate leads and customers across a wide spectrum of industries essential. 

Average salary: According to Indeed, the average 2024 marketing manager salary in Dallas, TX is $80,992. 

Financial analyst 

With over 13,000 small, medium and large financial institutions in the DFW area, financial analysts in Dallas are in high demand. Whether it’s a global bank or a tech startup based in Texas, financial analysts play an important role in investment strategy and both general and specific types of business planning. 

Average salary: According to Indeed, the average 2024 financial analyst salary in Dallas, TX is $79,116. 

Cloud engineer 

The Dallas tech industry continues to boom, with DFW now the fifth largest city for IT jobs. The ability for cloud engineers to help design, create and sustain the cloud infrastructure of organizations is a very popular need for companies large and small.  

Average salary: According to Indeed, the average 2024 cloud engineer salary in Dallas, TX is $111,752. 

UX/UI designer 

The demand for user experience and user interface jobs has exploded. With the Dallas tech industry growing, more companies setting up offices and innovation sparking within key industries, the need for talented creative professionals in the DFW area to create good website and app experiences is crucial. 

Average salary: According to Indeed, the average 2024 UI/UX developer salary in Dallas, TX is $138,558. 


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