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Mar 7, 2024
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With the ever-evolving technological landscape, finding the right tools to support your team can be overwhelming. From hiring, searching for jobs, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, launching environmental, social and governance initiatives, managing your team and more, the software platforms being advertised may seem endless. 

Our Product Operations Manager Kim Ullstrup understands. Not only does Kim manage our tech stack at Horizontal Talent, but she is regularly researching and meeting with new software platforms to best support our global teams. Every other week, Kim will be sharing her unfiltered insights on a trending software, in order to provide some clarity for your own tech stack optimization. 

Check out the first software platform being featured in our new series: 

Technology name


About the software

Get-Optimal is a core Artificial Intelligence product that prioritizes the optimization of job ads for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and maximizes job ads’ online performance. They are built on top of Microsoft's GPT family of large language models, are a member of “AI for Good” and a Microsoft for Startups member. 

Why is it being featured?

Both Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are hotter than hot in the corporate world right now. If you are involved in hiring in any capacity, or are a job seeker yourself, I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard of these two topics. These two passions and an initiative surrounding job post optimization led me to Get-Optimal. As an added benefit, the platform helps increase ESG scores.

Kim’s insights

I am in a unique position in which I recently came off an extensive job search myself, following a reduction in force, and I have landed in what I keep referring to as my “dream job,” where I get to combine by passion for people, process and technology as a Product Operations Manager for Horizontal Talent. After scrolling through and reading hundreds (thousands?) of job postings over the span of 4 months, I can honestly say that the majority of them are subpar at best. A job posting is often the first impression that is being made on a job seeker who may have no idea of who you are as a company or what you stand for. You need to put your best foot forward! So naturally, when one of the first projects I was tasked with was to see what tech is out there for job posting optimization, I was excited. I’ve always been somewhat familiar with Get-Optimal from my past work, but seeing the product from a different perspective opened my eyes to the benefits of using AI to better optimize your jobs for DEI, remove bias and improve your posting to get a higher click to apply conversion rate. I am excited to continue conversations with Get-Optimal to learn more because they are making a difference for both candidates and hiring teams. 

Additional details

From my understanding, the cost is volume and user based, so I recommend connecting with Get-Optimal to understand about how they can support you based on your unique situation. I heard back from Daniel Fellows, CEO of Get-Optimal, within 24 hours after submitting a demo request online and he has been great to work with so far. 


About Kim:
Kim Ullstrup is an experienced HR tech and staffing industry professional with 14 years of experience in solution engineering, sales, recruiting and operations. She is an expert in pre-sales consultation, solution design, sales and operational management, sales enablement and software implementations, and she is skilled in every aspect of the sales process, including business development, product demonstrations, presentations, value propositioning, technical demonstrations, contract negotiation and ongoing account management. 

Kim is currently the Product Operations Manager for Horizontal Talent.

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