How to land a change management job in 2024

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The job market outlook for the rest of 2024 is unclear, and for many companies, that means being change ready is a top priority. Depending on the industry, some organizations may be looking to build out a new product line and expand hiring, while others may have to explore the unfortunate action of a workforce reduction. 

This means those trained in change management are in-demand. Job seekers with human resources, leadership and business strategy skills can be very valuable to companies who need to navigate unsteady times. 

With that said, here are 4 tips to help you land a great change management job: 

1. Grow your skill set. 

From project management to conflict resolution, becoming versed in areas that speak to both a business’ overall structure and strategic needs, as well as on a human-to-human level, can be beneficial for those in change management. To grow these skills, there are various certification programs available, along with free and low-cost resources.  

You may also consider upskilling on a technical level. Communication tools like ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus (for visualizing change management with a visual workflow) and SysAid (for IT service management) are common software programs for many midsize and larger organizations that can help you stand out (hint: see below). At Horizontal, we are big fans of Wrike for team collaboration. 

2. Make your resume and LinkedIn page stand out. 

This is true for any position, but for change managers, highlighting specifics is critical. On your resume and your LinkedIn profile, make sure you’re calling out software tools and highlighting past projects you’ve worked on. Let people know both about your accomplishments and what you’re looking to achieve. 


3. Network.  

Joining relevant organizations is key. Consider becoming a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (if you’re not already) and other relevant groups, as these can be opportunities to grow your skill set, find community with like-minded professionals and lead to new job opportunities. And like other types of jobs, attending conferences like The Change Leadership Experience can have tremendous value.  

Change management is a growing line of work that’s still niche enough where attending networking events and becoming a part of industry organizations can have more value than other types of jobs. 


4. Be strategic about where and how you apply. 

Use your network to discover what roles may be out there. Referrals are valued at many organizations and can help set you apart in a tight job market with lots of other potential applicants.  

It’s also important to think through your long-term plan and do your research on what companies fit where you want to go. You may not want to take a chance on an expanding startup company if you’re at a point where you value stability and work-life balance. Outside of the job itself, does the company share similar values in terms of what they stand for and their overall mission? These are just a couple things to consider when you’re looking to apply for a role. 

And when you find a company and job that makes you excited, take the time to tailor a cover letter or email in a way that shows off your experience and passion for the role. Demonstrating your desire to commit will help separate you against other applicants with similar levels of experience. 



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