5 easy ways to find a great tech job in 2024

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Last year was a challenge for a lot of IT professionals. Major high-tech companies reduced their workforce as the overall economy slumped into what some called a recession. 

However, as we enter a new year, many of those companies are slowly starting to hire again, and opportunities to find a great tech role in 2024 aren’t quite as dire as they were in 2023. No matter where you are in your tech career, here are 5 tips that are certain to help your job search. 

1. Update your LinkedIn and resume

The tech space is evolving more than any other industry. Whether it’s cyber security, artificial intelligence or data science, advances in careers are based upon the ability for individuals to adapt to market trends and the needs of industries and companies. There’s a good chance you upskilled in 2023, and it’s important you show potential employers what you learned. Use important keywords so you’re discovered in LinkedIn and job board searches and try to provide a brief but content-heavy description of the knowledge you’ve gained. 

2. Get in touch with a recruiter

Whether you just graduated from college and are looking for an IT job, or you’ve been in tech for years, IT recruiters can be your best friends. Contacting a staffing agency like Horizontal Talent can make your job a lot easier. Horizontal and other staffing companies have industry knowledge and connections with Fortune 500 companies, medium and small-sized companies to make your job search so much easier. 


3. Upskill – and let people know

We mentioned it earlier, but upskilling in the tech space is critical to growing your IT career. Whether you utilize Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, your company’s recommended platform or other, we highly recommend you block out time on your calendar to keep gaining IT skills and challenging your technical abilities. And yes, like we mentioned above, show your work. For some, it’s easy to feel like completing a certification course isn’t that big of a deal, but it is. Celebrate your victory! Tell people about it. Not only will you be more knowledgeable, but you may also get noticed for your work. 


4. Go to networking events

Connections can go a long way in any industry – especially tech. Check out this list of top tech events for 2024 with both in-person and virtual options. 

With 2023 being a year of volatility and layoffs in high-tech, knowing people can be invaluable as companies start to rebound.


5. Check out the websites of your dream companies

It might seem simple and a bit old school, but one way to get around the rat race of job boards (besides chatting with a staffing company, of course) is to go directly to the websites of companies you want to be at. If you find a job you like, it’s recommended you apply directly on the website – and drop a short and sweet note to the hiring manager, if they’re listed. 

And even if there isn’t a job that fits your background, there may be a contact email address you can send email your resume to. 


Let’s chat about your tech job opportunities today.  


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