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Jul 12, 2023
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Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts. We all listen to them. Some of us may host one. And, by now, you’ve definitely been annoyed by a friend who swears you should subscribe to that one super niche true crime podcast that will “change your life forever.” Side note, Kyle, it didn’t change my life forever. I’m the exact same, but it did kill a 6-hour drive back home a few weeks ago … so thanks.

While you may have a long list of true crime content to listen to, the same may not be true when it comes to podcasts that directly relate to so many of us: jobs. That’s why we have curated a list of business, staffing and economic podcasts team members here at Horizontal are listening to (and some other fun ones):

Jeremy Langevin, Co-Founder and CEO:

Jen Zweig, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives:

Nick Bata, Sales Director:

Anna Gerold, Learning & Development Associate Manager:

  • “My morning routine consists of Up First and The Daily, with some pop culture podcasts sprinkled in!”

Kris Hancock, Sr. Recruiting Director:

Rachel Enstrom, Sr. Director, Global Marketing, Product & Technology:

Kevin Erickson, Regional Vice President:

  • “I’m hot on Business Wars. I love to hear the stories of organizations growing and the different ups and downs they have experienced.”

Alma Allen, Recruiting Director:

Jeff Seebinger, Regional Vice President:

Justin Cross, Director of Global Content Strategy:

Some podcasts to listen to regarding diversity and inclusion include Code Switch, Woman’s Hour, The Will to Change and Making Gay History.

If you want a quick staffing podcast, our own 10-Minute Talent Show provides useful tips, market updates and tactics regarding the staffing industry.

So, there you go, Kyle. We see your true crime podcast suggestion and raise you everything on this blog.


*Kyle is a fictional character, and we apologize if we offended anyone named Kyle who happens to have true crime podcast recommendations. We’re sure those recommendations are awesome.

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