3 reasons to leverage contract staffing in Q4

Article by Kevin Erickson
Nov 11, 2021
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We’re in the final stretch of Fiscal Year 2021. With the holidays around the corner, 59% of US employers are expected to add payrolls in the fourth quarter. Many businesses are looking to spend remaining project budget while executing on year-end initiatives before the calendar resets.

Supplementing your workforce with contractors can be a great way for you to allocate budget and ramp up operations as the year ends. Here are three benefits of leveraging contract staffing during Q4 2021:

1. Capitalize on unused budget to give your teams relief

In a typical year, many organizations operate with a “use it or lost it” mentality where they feel pressured to spend any unused budget to help close out projects or find ways to improve processes. However, 2021 is unlike any other we have seen in decades. We are living in a robust economic climate with teams operating at maximum capacity and companies looking to hire.

In order to provide the necessary relief your team needs while continuing to focus on the work at hand, a staffing agency can help source top talent without the time and stress of going through the usual hiring process. Signaling to your team help is on the way (and soon!) can often be the jolt your current employees need to push through the final weeks of the year. Moreover, consultants can help pick up the slack while also helping to improve processes with new eyes and fresh perspectives. You also have the option to downsize staff when projects come to a close.

2. Execute business initiatives during the busy season

Many firms are faced with last-minute project work that comes up between now and the close of the year. While every industry is busy during this time, we often see a significant increase of business in the healthcare, retail and financial services verticals. But with the holiday season almost here, many companies find themselves short-staffed due to employees taking time off.

To help you get things done on your immediate to-do list, it may be worth your while to tap into the consultant market. The contractors in our network are vetted by in-house experts and ready to work at a moment’s notice. Instead of the typical onboarding and hiring rigmarole, we use video interviews and remote onboarding to expedite the process and quickly get you the support you need.

3. Join the flexible talent trend

Times have changed. Remote and hybrid work, along with a continued rise in freelance and contract employees, is here to stay for many organizations. In fact, contingent workers now make up 35% of the US workforce while the number of temporary workers assigned by staffing firms is estimated at 8.5 million, a major increase from 2020.

Is your business looking to explore the consultant market to complete critical year-end projects? Are you unsure how to access talent during COVID? We’d love to have a conversation with you on how we’re helping our clients pivot in Q4, keep up with rising demand and leapfrog their competition. There’s still lots of hiring going on — but it’s more important than ever to be strategic.

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