The market’s message to job-seekers: be flexible

Article by Kevin Erickson
Apr 14, 2020
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What a difference a month makes. It wasn’t long ago that the economy was booming, with more open positions than there was talent to fill them. Yes, things are different now. But all is not lost. Businesses are still hiringThe market’s not as strong as 2019—but there are still opportunities available. And, as someone who was in the industry during the recession of 2008, the best advice I can offer (besides doing your best to stand out from the crowd)is that you must be flexible

Oddly enough, I was giving this same advice to hiring managers before the pandemic, back when more jobs than talent was the norm. You must be flexible. I know you want a unicorn full stack developer who doesn’t sleep and only eats code, but that person just isn’t available right now. How about a full stack developer who does sleep and enjoys the occasional pizza?

As a job seeker, it’s natural to want the perfect role with a generous salary, a short commute and rewarding work. But in times like this, the market is murky and a little flexibility can help you fine tune your search and land a solid role. Don’t wear yourself out or destroy your morale—here are four recommendations to consider.

Be flexible on


For some, title changes that indicate progress are the ultimate indicator of career evolutionBut right now, perfect titles are going to have to be grown, not hunted. Do you consider yourself to be a Senior UX Manager but all you can find are UX Architect roles? If you have the skill set, you should strongly consider applying


Be open to a wide range of roles—even if they require skills or technologies that may not be in your locker. Landing a role creates opportunity for you to gain valuable industry experience, learn new processes, and a chance to expand your network. You never know how things will pan out.


A quick commute is the true prize of any worker’s day. However, as the job market continues to change, you may find yourself with a longer-than-ideal commute. While waking up a little earlier and getting home a little later aren’t preferable, don’t say no to what could be a great opportunity. Find yourself a good podcast instead.


This is a painful one, no doubt. However, the law of supply and demand tells us there will be a temporary impact to wage trends. If you’re able to adjust your compensation requirements, you’ll be able to cast a wider search net.

Practice flexibility as your situation demands. If you have the means to weather the storm, it may make more sense to sit tight and wait for better opportunities to come along. Otherwise, consider where you have flexibility and get to work identifying roles that are practical if not perfect. Ultimately, things will rebound and the number of opportunities will go back to normal. In the meantime, don’t close the door on what may seem like an imperfect opportunity—it may turn out to be the best job you’ve ever had!

As we’ve mentioned before, in today’s stay-at-home economy, it’s more competitive than ever to land a new role. But by being flexible and going the extra mile to stand out, you’re sure to succeed. 

If you’re currently on the hunt, feel free to get in touch or check outourjob board. We’d love to connect you with the right opportunity.

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