Soon-to-be Grads & Recent Grads: Here is Why Working with a Recruiter Can Make Your Life Easier

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Hey There Soon-to-be Grads and Recent Grads,

We are excited to continue our conversation around searching for and landing your first “real job.” In case you missed our previous posts on creating a great resume and what you need to know about LinkedIn and social media, click HERE and HERE respectively. Today we want to discuss the benefits of working with a recruiter and why taking a contract role could help propel your career.

Bottom line: job hunting is tough. So often, it seems like you submit your resume into the black-hole of cyber-space only to hear nothing in return or receive a generic automated response which basically tells you nothing. It’s frustrating and can feel like you spend hours upon hours of searching and filling out lengthy online applications with nothing to really show for it. We get it. But you must persevere because a job that is right for you IS out there.

This is where working with a recruiter can help alleviate some of the headaches and frustration. The best way to describe it? A recruiter is another set of eyes looking out for you on the job-front and managing the application process FOR you; another resource for you in your job search, and let’s face it, the more help you have, the better. New job openings come across the desks of recruiters almost endlessly. Many of which, are contract positions that may not be posted externally or viewable to the public on the internet. Some of these job opportunities come directly from the hiring manager, while some are generated through corporate HR departments or program offices and yet many times recruiters may have direct access to the hiring manager. What does this mean? In general, it means less competition for you and the potential that your recruiter might be able get your resume directly on the desk of the hiring manager along with a conversation around why that manager should interview YOU.

Here is how it works:

  1. Once you connect with a recruiter, they will talk you though the process and spend some time getting to know you, learning about your career goals, the skills that you have, the skills you are looking to develop, and what type of job, environment, or company might be best suited for you.
  2. Your recruiter will help you get your resume looking good if need be and will explain the importance of tailoring your resume to each job you apply to.
  3. Once your recruiter knows what to look for, each time a position comes across their desk that might be a good match for you, they will reach out to you with the job description and see if you are interested. If it’s a good match, your recruiter will manage the application process for you and keep you updated on the progress of your application. Easy!
  4. Next, should the company/hiring manager express interest in you, your recruiter will be notified, and they will work with you and the client to coordinate the interview.
  5. At this point in your career, you may be new to interviewing but, not to worry… your recruiter and an account manager who works directly with the company or hiring manager, will help you prepare for the interview, offering you interview tips, typical lines of questioning, or insight into what types of things the hiring manager is looking for. Remember, interviewing takes practice, so the more interviews you can land, the better you’ll be at it.
  6. Should the interview go well and you are the chosen candidate, your recruiter will help you navigate the offer process and any negotiations that may need to be done. They will be with you every step of the way.
  7. Finally, if you are hired, your recruiter will continue to be a resource for you even while on the job and will be there for you when you are ready to take your next career step.

Now, one thing you need to consider is that the majority of the jobs our recruiters see are contracts or contract-to-hire opportunities. These may be 6-month contracts, year-long contracts, or even a 3-month contract with the intent to hire after 3 months. We realize that these may seem short team and unappealing, however, if you are looking for your first job out of college, a contract with a Fortune 500 company could be the boost you need to land your dream full-time role shortly down the road.

Here is a real-life scenario:

One of our recruiters started working with a young woman who had just graduated with a Marketing degree and wanted to get into the exciting world of digital marketing. Shortly after they had met, a 6-month, entry-level contract opportunity opened up at a large company in Minneapolis. She was interested in the role, interviewed well, and landed the position…all within a matter of a couple of weeks. So, for the next 6 months, she worked hard, learned the ins and outs of working at a massive organization while learning some fundamental digital marketing skills. As her contract was ready to come to an end, her recruiter started looking for other opportunities for her. Because she had worked in this ONE role and gained some valuable real-world experience, the amount of job opportunities that she was able to apply for and interview for, more than doubled. And again, within a couple of weeks, she landed her next role, which just so happened to be EXACTLY what she was looking for: a contract-to-hire role within her desired marketing specialty at a huge healthcare company, close to her home. And low and behold, 5 years later, she is STILL with this company, thriving, growing, learning and most importantly enjoying her job.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to connect with one of our exceptional recruiters, click HERE. We are always looking for up-and-coming talent to match with our clients and would love to hear from you!

Ever thought about becoming a recruiter yourself? Or maybe get into staffing sales and account management? Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about these exciting career opportunities.


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